The Chicago Review of Books calls Nineveh “a remarkable inquiry into humanity’s ongoing relationship with nature.” Innes provides every detail of both human and natural architecture with impeccable precision. This attention to the physical world informs Nineveh’s well-mapped structure and propels forward a refreshing narrative, rife with irascible insects and immovable greenery. Read the full review by […]

The Irish Independent has published a thoughtful review of Nineveh, calling it “a kind of haunted-house novel that doubles as a state-of-the-nation narrative but without losing the laser-like focus of an intimate psychological thriller”. Nineveh packs a punch beyond its immediate context of post-apartheid South Africa … a shrewd narrative tease that invites you above all […]

Aaron Bady has written a very thoughtful, unsettled and unsettling analysis of Nineveh on the New Inquiry blog: The prose seethes and shimmers with the uncanny and unsettled, a garden haunted by matter-out-of-place … Even though it isn’t, this novel feels like science fiction; it itches like the dystopian, the speculative, and the post-apocalyptic, even as it’s realistically set in […]

Jared Shurin – of Pornokitsch, and until recently publisher at Jurassic London – has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Nineveh. Read his new review, written to mark the UK and US editions : A contemporary urban fantasy classic … creepy, crawly and a little bit chilling …Nineveh works excellently as a metaphor for gentrification and class structure, but, for me, the […]

Literary Hub ( has published an extract from Nineveh  on their website. Read for free! It’s strange, what disgusts people. Who would scorn the friendship of gecko, for example: golden-eyed, translucent-skinned, toes splayed on a farmhouse wall? Who could resent a long-legged spider, knitting its silver in the corner of a room? But they do: people will […]

I’m very happy to be be appearing at Kramerbooks in Washington DC tomorrow night, 16th Nov, alongside my fellow Unnamed Press author Fabienne Josaphat. We’ll be reading from our novels, Nineveh and The Baron’s Shadow, and chatting about our work. Join us if you’re in the neighbourhood. Facebook invitation here. Fabienne Josaphat’s electric prose in […]