I recently was interviewed by literary scholar Gail Fincham for South African literary journal Tydskrif vir Letterkunde. It’s a wide-ranging discussion about my writing and influences, past and present. You can access it here. I value a destabilising sense of estrangement in writing; among other things, it is one way to approach writing about the […]

Here’s a lovely, wide-ranging, thoughtful review from BookBlast for Green Lion: Individual vs. family, rich vs. poor, man vs. wild animal, conservation vs. extinction: Henrietta Rose-Innes’ multi-layered narrative addresses all these contradictions skilfully and with lightness of touch. Green Lion speaks to us urgently of another kind of moral responsibility to that which we are […]

I’ll be launching the UK edition of Green Lion at the always-wonderful Edinburgh International Book Fair. I’ll be there in the week of the 20 Aug, and have several appearances lined up: Mon 21 Aug, 17.30 – 18.15: Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Series. Dangerous Dispatches: Henrietta with Deni Ellis Béchard and Tom Feiling, reading works from […]