Next week, I will be taking part in the Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Series at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I have the great honour of reading from Anna Politkovskaya’s book Putin’s Russia. Journalist and human rights activist, Politkovsaya was a fearless opponent of the Russian president. She was assassinated in 2006, the day she was […]

I’ll be launching the UK edition of Green Lion at the always-wonderful Edinburgh International Book Fair. I’ll be there in the week of the 20 Aug, and have several appearances lined up: Mon 21 Aug, 17.30 – 18.15: Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Series. Dangerous Dispatches: Henrietta with Deni Ellis Béchard and Tom Feiling, reading works from […]

My story “The Second Law” is now *free* to read on the Galley Beggar Press website. Yet again I demonstrate my precog powers, as this story clearly predicts the fidget spinner. I should get paid more for this stuff. More stories from last year’s Galley Beggar Prize longlist are all online on the excellent site, as […]

Here’s a lovely piece in praise of caterpillars from Patrick Barkham in the Guardian – with a nod to Nineveh, noting the “welcome appearance for that rare species, the humane pest controller”. I’d forgotten what fabulous pets they are: busy, and oddly personable. The forest school class loved having caterpillars trotting up their arms, and solicitously […]

I recently did a little piece for British Airways’ High Life inflight magazine for their “Hometown” series – about the elusive caracals on Table Mountain, and writing about home while far away, and how a rooikat popped up in my novel Green Lion (out in the UK in August). It’s kind of fluffy (furry?) but I like it. […]