Green Lion: “On location” in Cape Town

I wrote a piece about my writerly relationship with my home town, Cape Town, for the excellent books and writing blog The Literary Sofa:

To tourists, Table Mountain seems incongruous, wondrous; to locals, it’s a landmark and a compass point, even for those of us who live so far from the centre that the “tabletop” is a just pale silhouette. Having a mountain changes things. Capetonians’ heads are often in the clouds, as anyone from grittier, faster, slicker Jo’burg will attest. Here, it’s possible to to climb into the sky and gaze down upon the geography of the city from a contemplative distance – a novelistic view. It’s a good city for writing.

They’ve accompanied the piece with a lovely brief review of Green Lion:

Green Lion calls into question our relationship with the natural world without being preachy – it is above all a compelling story peopled by intriguing characters … Rose-Innes’ lyrical but understated prose has both edge and elegance, a combination I am always excited to discover. Highly recommended for lovers of literary fiction inspired by ‘issues’, driven by great storytelling.


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