Green Lion gets BookBlasted

Here’s a lovely, wide-ranging, thoughtful review from BookBlast for Green Lion:

Individual vs. family, rich vs. poor, man vs. wild animal, conservation vs. extinction: Henrietta Rose-Innes’ multi-layered narrative addresses all these contradictions skilfully and with lightness of touch. Green Lion speaks to us urgently of another kind of moral responsibility to that which we are used to receiving from South African writers … one of the best novels about man and his environment that I have read in a long time.

Also on BookBlast – I recently did a fun 21-question interview about my life & writing, which you can find here:

It often begins with a visual image, a picture or an object that grabs me, or that surfaces from the past – like the photo of an extinct, taxidermied lion that I first saw in the South African Museum when I was little, and which returned to haunt my latest novel Green Lion. I don’t think I’ve ever consciously chosen a theme or a subject. Ideally, the writing of the book reveals its own purpose.

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