Honouring Anna Politkovskaya for Amnesty

Next week, I will be taking part in the Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Series at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I have the great honour of reading from Anna Politkovskaya’s book Putin’s Russia. Journalist and human rights activist, Politkovsaya was a fearless opponent of the Russian president. She was assassinated in 2006, the day she was due to file a story on torture in Chechnya.

All the murders of children since 1999 in bombardments and purges remain unsolved, uninvestigated by the institutions of law and order. The infanticides have never had to stand where they belong, in the dock; Putin, that great “friend of all children”, has never demanded that they should. The Army continues to rage in Chechnya as it was allowed to at the beginning of the war, as if its operations were being conducted on a training ground empty of people.

The Amnesty series runs every day for the duration of the festival. On the 21st Aug, the theme is “Dangerous Dispatches”, writing from journalists on the frontline, and I’ll be reading alongside authors Deni Ellis Béchard and Tom Feiling.

Mon 21 Aug 5:30pm – 6:15pm Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre. FREE: Tickets available from the Box Office on the day of the event

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