Aux lions in Switzerland and France

I had a wonderful time travelling to Switzerland and France in September to launch L’Homme au lions (Editions Zoe). I was met by several warm reviews in the Swiss press:

Henrietta Rose-Innes crystallises the fears and projections the big cats arouse … if “L’Homme au lion” has a metaphorical character, there are also complex and vivid characters. – Le Temps

One of the most interesting young voices from the rich South African literature … the novel contains wonderful pages on friendship and the lure of the wilderness. – Le Courrier

The excellent translation by Elisabeth Gilles allows us to discover a magnificent fable in which, as the book progresses, nature’s wild side takes the upper hand over humans. – Culture Chronique

A unique and addictive novel – Les libraires masqués du Grenier

In between our events at the brilliant bookshops Librairie du Boulevard (Geneva) and Librairie La Méridienne (Chaux-de-Fonds), we managed to squeeze in a little reading/interview  in the perfect surroundings of the African fauna section of the Natural History Museum of Geneva. (English with French subtitles.)

In the French press, I was extremely touched to read a lovely, personal appreciation of L’Homme au lion, in the form of a letter to me, from esteemed critic Catherine Simon in Diacritic magazine:

The theme of disappearance is recurrent you. That of devouring, ditto. Like ghosts, Henrietta! You are fascinated by the underground things, not the net world, you do not tire of exploring the boundary between … the human and the animal, the living and the dead. Still, your stories walk on the edge of thriller, science fiction and poem. Still, they captivate. As ever, you do not forget the drive, never fail to tell a story, you never let go of our hands … you create, book to book, with three pieces of string and some beasts, a bizarre universe like no other.

In Paris, I fitted in a radio interview with RFI (Radio France International – in English):

L’Homme aux lion also received a thumb’s-up from bookseller Marianne at Librairie Les Lisières in Roubaix, France:


Thank you to Editions Zoe and to all the warm and welcoming booksellers and readers I met in Geneva, Chaux-de-Fonds and Paris. Thank you also to the impressively dynamic Geneva Writers’ Group for their generous hospitality.

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