No insect in the road – Nínive reviewed in Nexos

The Spanish translation of Nineveh, published as Nínive in Mexico last year by Editorial Almadía, has received a lovely review by Héctor Iván González for Nexos Magazine:

Entre los nuevos autores sudafricanos que la editorial Almadía ha acercado al público en español, Henrietta Rose-Innes (1971) es una de las más jóvenes y más refrescantes. Así lo sugiere su novela Nínive, la cual está dotada de un toque de fantasía en su concepción, pero que no ha dejado de lado el tratamiento psicológico de los personajes … Katya es uno de los personajes femeninos más atractivos de la literatura contemporánea.

(Rough translation: Among the new South African authors Almadía has introduced to the Spanish public, Henrietta Rose-Innes (1971) is one of the youngest and most refreshing. This is suggested by her novel Nineveh, which is equipped with a touch of fantasy in its conception, but has not neglected the psychological treatment of the characters … Katya is one of the most attractive female characters in contemporary literature.)

The review singles out the translator, Ana Marimón Driven, for particular praise for the freshness, spontaneity and fluency of her translation.

ninive Spanish dustjacket


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