Robbed! The stuffed lion caper

So here’s a crazy story from the BBC – “Stuffed animals worth £100k stolen from Wandsworth warehouse“:

A chimpanzee wearing a top hat, a lion and a zebra are some of the stuffed animals worth £100,000 that have been stolen from a south London warehouse.

This warehouse is the same strange and amazing place I visited when researching my novel Green Lion. It houses many very old & historic pieces, and I went there to track down a particular Victorian specimen of an extinct Cape black-maned lion. This guy:

Panthera leo melanochaitus, cape Lion

At the time, I was taken aback by the intense security at the vast “secret” warehouse; they told me it was to stop people “messing around” with the specimens. Now I understand. Although I am truly astonished anyone got in the door.

Anyway, I really hope they didn’t grab my lion. And I swear it wasn’t me.

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