Green Lion “tells our stories” at the M&G Lit Fest

My Green Lion gets a nice pat on the head in this overview of the upcoming Mail and Guardian Literary Festival / South African Book Fair by books editor and director of the Festival, Darryl Accone:

‘In her latest novel, Green Lion …Rose-Innes evokes the bronze lions of the Rhodes Memorial at several points: precisely, playfully and pointedly … “Now you could sit and drink under the eyes of eight scaled-down copies of the Trafalgar lions, the naked horseman, and Rhodes’s own lugubrious bust in his niche above them all. The old brigand looked dejected, cheek propped on a hand. Above, the mountain rose, dark green from the recent rains, the silver fence necklacing its base.” By way of evoking Scott Fitzgerald, Milan Kundera, Jaroslav Hacek and Josef Skvorecky, here is Rose-Innes telling our stories, all in a mere 57 words.’

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